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Extreme care should be taken while packaging Laptops

Sending a laptop from one place to another is very convenient now. But the one thing that might create problems during the postage is the battery. Laptop batteries are Lithium-ion batteries and demand extreme care while carrying them due to their flammable property. In the past, there were limitations on as to what size battery should be allowed to send, but batteries of small size can be sent via courier now.

The laptop is a very delicate electronic device. That means great care should be taken while sending it from one place to another. The screen of the laptop should be covered with some foamy material to prevent it from getting scratched. First, the laptop should be turned off and then any material like foam or bubble wrap should be added.

The laptop should be packed in a cardboard box with some foam inside as well to make it a tight fit so that the laptop doesn’t get damaged. If the laptop comes with its box casing, then it is better but it should be placed in another cardboard just to maintain some secrecy and prevent someone else from opening the cardboard.

The cardboard should be taped and sealed as well so that no one else can open the box. Adequate bubble wrapping should be added as well so that during the journey if the box is thrown at any place, it doesn’t cause damage to the laptop inside it. All the guidelines should be met to make sure the safety and protection of the laptop.

What to look for in a Cargo company?

After all the requirements have been met, the next thing is to find a reliable courier service that will carry your Cargo to India from the UK. A good mail service should be efficient, effective, and reliable and must be cheap as well. A good courier service offers great services at a very attractive and affordable cost, which entices the people to use it.

A courier service needs to have very good customer service support as well. If there is some problem in the delivery of the product and the customer wants to seek the support of the company representatives over the matter, then the customer support should be timely and helpful and should be able to provide effective guidance as well.

Failure in providing good services or good customer support results in the loss of clients, which do not use the same courier service again and this results in causing severe losses to the company. Therefore, a good courier service holds customers closer to them than profits. They create value for customers and capture it. This results in long term clients which benefit the company in the long haul.

What are the custom and duty charges in India?

India charges tax on electronic devices which have been imported from abroad. For laptops and notebooks, the custom duty charges are 35.%. For Example, if the product is the HP which costs £700, the custom and duty charges are £245.

How much can it cost?

The overall price that might end up costing the customer varies on many important aspects. The first thing is the price of the actual product. Laptops vary from £250 to even £1500 depending on their specifications. The custom duty depends on the actual price of the product. Add the courier service charges to the overall price as well but the price varies depending on the price of the laptop.

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